Chapter 2: Spectroscopy (C4475473)

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For example, the hydrogens on the end of propane ([latex]C_{8}H_{8}[/latex]) are enantiotropic, but they are stereochemically different from the two hydrogens on the middle carbon, because the middle carbon only has two hydrogen attachments, whereas the end carbons have three hydrogen attachments.


For example, in ethyl acetate (in the image ), there are 3 peaks [as there are 3 sets of stereochemically different hydrogens]; and the red hydrogens have 4 peaks because it is attached to a carbon that has 3 hydrogens [then, adding 1], and green hydrogens with 1 peak because its attached carbon has no hydrogens [then, adding 1], and blue hydrogens with 3 peaks because its attached has 2 hydrogens [then, adding 1].

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