Chapter 3: Equilibrium and momentum (C3483446)


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Legend: Key principles // Storyline

Soon, Jamie’s relationship with the blonde klutz moved from mere friends to, well, hand holding .

“For Christians, that’s an engagement,” Mandy giggled.

So that was how Jamie came to know Sophie.

“That story was… alright,” Mandy started, “but it’s like a little spark compared to how WE met.”

Mandy was an engineering student at Pacific Coast College, and after noticing Jamie in the library on several occasions, felt led to talk to him.

“Hey, can I use your back to draw on?” Mandy asked.

“I still remember that white wide headband you wore that day,” Jamie commented, “so preppy LOL.”

“Umm,” Jamie replied, bedazzled, thinking what sort of stranger would want to do that, and what Sophie would think, before, being polite, answered, “I guess so.”

“Can you lean forward?” Mandy asked.

Mandy didn’t say much whilst she was filling out the class questionnaire on Jamie’s back. In reality, she was thinking how she’d make acquaintance with Jamie.

“Okay, I’m done,” Mandy remarked, as Jamie turned back around, “the name’s Mandy, I study engineering.”

“I’m Jamie, I study law,” Jamie replied.

“Umm, I think your zip is undone,” Jamie said to Mandy.

“Oh,” Mandy said zipping up, somewhat embarrassed, “uh… why were you looking down there LOL?!!”

“Slut alert,” Blaire commented, rolling her eyes.

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