Chapter 1: Translational motion (C6913765)

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“When model agencies collect height and waist, these dimensions are independent, as height cannot be defined with a waist measurement, or vice versa,” Jamie started, “This is because height is measured vertically, and waist is measured horizontally. Time is similarly independent.”

“For example, we can say Selena Gomez is 1.65m, or that the Wizards Movie runs for 98 minutes,” Mandy continued.

“You know how in 1 Cor 2:14, it talks of those without the Spirit interpreting things of God as foolish? It’s like the Spirit is its own dimension,” Mandy continued, “imagine a person from a 3D world sticking his fingers into a whiteboard where 2D people live. What the 2D people see would just not make sense.”

“The Holy Spirit does so much,” Mandy commented, “He formed the universe (Genesis 1:2-3), provides revelation (1 Corinthians 2:9-13), inspired scripture (2 Peter 1:20-21), regenerates (John 3:5-7), baptizes (1 Corinthians 12:13), indwells (Romans 8:9), assures salvation (Romans 8:14-16), enables Spiritual living (Galatians 5:16-25), bestows spiritual gifts to build up the church (1 Corinthians 12:4-11), and fruits (Galatians 5:22-23).

“So a scalar could be a mass 50kg or energy 100J,” Mandy said, “I’m not saying ‘50kg down’ or ‘100J east’.”

“In contrast, a vector could be force 500N down, or momentum 550sN up,” Mandy continued.

“So One Direction is a vector?” Blaire giggled.

“So long as the one direction you’re looking in is towards Christ ,” Mandy winked.

“For example, a vector could be 100m north or 20m south, that is, it has direction!” Mandy said, “And it can be represented as [latex][0,100][/latex] and [latex][0,-20][/latex] respectively.”
Jamie met his unlikely clinger girlfriend, Sophie Graham MD, the resident blonde klutz of the princess clique, at the Baptist church.

“Hey!” Sophie asked, “Do you know where QE Hospital is?”

“Not sure,” Jamie said grabbing his z-Phone to check.

Earlier, Jamie was sitting several pews behind Sophie, and had thrown a pencil in Sophie’s direction to try to grab her attention, and well, thought that perhaps this was her way of reciprocating her feelings. Little did Jamie know that Sophie knew nothing of the pencil-throwing escapade, but genuinely and independently, had feelings for him.

“Say if that pencil was thrown 60kmph at an 30° elevation, what are its components?” Mandy asked.

“By SOH-CAH-TOA,” Jamie responded, “The vertical component is [latex]60.sin(30^{\circ})=30kmph[/latex], and the horizontal component is [latex]60.cos(30^{\circ})=52kmph[/latex].”

“Oh! You can also check this is correct with the Pythagorean Theorem, that [latex]\sqrt((30)^2+(52)^2)=60kmph[/latex]: QED,” Mandy remarked, “QED, Latin for quod erat demonstrandum, meaning I’m awesome aka demonstrated what I wanted.”

“Isn’t adding, just adding?” Mandy asked, puzzled.

“What is 1m plus 1m?” Jamie asked.

“Well that’s 2m: easy pea-see!” Mandy replied.

“Hold your horse! How about if you strutted 10m down a catwalk, and back, how far have you travelled in total?”

“But I don’t model, how about dancing it bad girl?”

“Sure,” Jamie laughed, “dancing 10m forth, 10m back.”

“20m, because 10+10=20,” Mandy replied.

“That’s right Mandy, that’s distance. But how far have you effectively travelled though, from start to finish?”

“0m, because I’m back where I started!” Mandy said.

“Right, and that’s displacement: your net movement.”

“You’re back to where you started, so that’s… 0m.”

“My goodness ,” Jamie laughed, “The world isn’t round, the moon is made of cheese, and 1+1=0 !!”

“Then, writing a vector in the form of [x-component, y-component, z-component], to add [1,2,3] and [5,5,5], this is [1+5,2+5,3+5]=[6,7,8], not requiring complex geometry,” Mandy commented.
“If you fly from London to NYC, the plane doesn’t fly in a straight line! It twists and turns,” Jamie said.

“So even though the displacement from London to NYC is 5585km,” Mandy said, “I’m going to be travelling a greater than this, because of the twists. The total distance I’ve travelled is referred to as distance.”

“The effect is that though speed may be a non-zero number, because velocity uses displacement, if we travel from London to NY and back, velocity will be 0m/s.”

“So if you put your head out of the window going at 100kmph, will your hair blow back?” Jamie asked.

“Well yeah, of course, that’s the speed cars travel on the highway,” Mandy responded.

“Okay, how about if we went at [latex]100 kmph^2[/latex]?”

“Hmm… acceleration is a bit harder,” Mandy thought.

“That’s why it’s easier to think of acceleration as change in velocity, per unit time.”

“So [latex]100 kmph^2[/latex] is gaining from 0kmph to 100kmph – every hour, which is INCREDIBLY slow!!!”

“Newton founded gravity, because one of ‘em apples dropped on his head, and he wondered: why?” Mandy said.

“How ‘bout them apples,” Blaire giggled.

“I think I now know why I like red apples,” Mandy said, “them apples got product placement in Snow White .”

“I can’t seem to find it,” Jamie replied; realizing his stoush at Sophie was, well, free falling.

“By the way,” Jamie said, “my name is Jamie.”

“My real name is Sophia, but people call me Sophie.”

“What’s with the massive Disney smile ?” Jamie asked.

“Do I look like the girl from Tangled?” Sophie giggled.

Realizing that he couldn’t just continue fidgeting his phone, pretending to find a non-existent hospital, he gathered himself, preparing his next statement.

“Hey, did you get that pencil?” Jamie asked.

“What pencil?” Sophie remarked, confused.

And that was it. Jamie realized it was just all in his head; she was not interested in him, and just genuinely wanted to find this hospital.

“I can’t find it,” Jamie sighed, trying to figure if there was something he could ask her, just so this magical moment could be prolonged. But he had nothing. Or at least nothing came out.

“Alright,” Sophie replied after a moment of silence, “thanks for that Jamie, I’ll see you around!”

Secretly, like Jamie, Sophie also wanted their conversation to prolong, but she didn’t really know what to say. After all, she was the princess clique type girl, and everybody knows that they don’t say much.

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