Chapter 14: Genetics (C8478026)

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“You know how Kate Hudson photoshopped her picture with Matthew McConaughey, it’s so cute!” Mandy said, “Let’s do this for you and Sophie, but the science way!”

“So Jamie’s black hair is represented as BB, and Sophie’s blonde hair as bb,” Blaire continued, “the Punnett Square providing Bb, Bb, Bb, and Bb.”

“Hair color is incomplete dominance, Bb brown, so all your kids will be brunettes,” Mandy said, “Oh brother.”

“I’m the wild type… a real bad ass girl!” Mandy giggled.

“You’re so not, Mandy,” Jamie replied, “I think you like to pretend to be bad ass on the outside, but on the inside, you’re a secret princess lol.”

“”Shut up, you do it too,” Mandy replied, “I mean, oohh I’m such a bad ass I’m Jamie, each force has an equal and opposite force, that’s soooo hardcore LOL!”

As time went by, the strong feelings that Jamie and Mandy had for another, although still there, had moved to the back of their minds . Rather, they were preoccupied with the truly important matters of Kingdom culture , such as generosity with time, money and resource, self-sacrificial nature, servant leadership, equal treatment of all within the church from the wealthy to the homeless.

As a result, rather than focusing on finding the ‘right’ person , they had inadvertently transformed themselves becoming more and more like that ‘right’ person .

Although Jamie and Mandy had given up all hope of being together, God was preparing the perfect timing.

Upon completion of her Engineering degree, Mandy gained employment in a hedge fund, before windfall gains permitted her to exit and start her own hedge fund, Mandy Cap, with a startup of $500m.

Upon completion of his Law degree, Jamie went on to study medicine, inspired by Sophie’s tact in dealing with people, and became a pediatrician.

Sophie herself had her own lessons she needed to learn: that the “God” thing isn’t necessarily the “good” thing, and that in her self nature, although everybody thought of her as a good little princess, she had a deep dark chest of Sin that needed to be dealt with; the greatest of all which included pride. But that required her own adventure, that Jamie was not to be a part of.

Jamie developed a medical imaging technology, which required commercialization. Amongst 5,000 VC’s to which his business plan was sent to, responses came from only 600, and only 4 proceeded to due diligence, which included Mandy Capital.

Even as Jamie readied himself to present to Mandy Capital, he had no idea of Mandy’s involvement, because although owner, Mandy had stepped back from day to day management, to the role of Chairperson.

As Jamie began pitching, Mandy recognized him by his voice. However, he still failed to recognize her, as she had dyed her hair in blonde, though their eyes met.

“Dr. Swift, is it?” Mandy asked, once Jamie finished.

 “我是你同時代的人之一? 你還記得我Mandy Marie Walker嗎?” Mandy replied in Cantonese, transliterated to meaning “I was one of your contemporaries? Do you remember me?”

“I can’t believe you actually learnt Cantonese, that really freaked me out LOL,” Jamie commented.

“Oh,” Jamie replied, thinking- well, stuck in thought. He didn’t know what to think, because his fear failed to subside, but rather, conglomerated with surreality.

“Can we recess whilst I have a word with Dr. Shum?”

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