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Getting started

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Physics is the study of matter and its motion through space-time.

Solving physics problems

Whenever trying to solve a physics problem:

1. Draw a well labeled diagram


2. Write down what you know



3. Find a formula to link what you know, with what you don’t

[latex]F=mg=65*10=650N down[/latex]

“In an exam, never just do nothing,” Mandy started.

“So drawing a diagram,” Mandy continued, “as with the disposition of any cookie cutter teen pop fiction, this story began in much the same way: a wide angle B roll, zooming through location, to start scene.”

“So what do we have?” Blaire replied, “Like any good story, the adventures of Jamie and friends started in church, Pacific Coast Baptist, because, as we all know, that’s where everything good starts.”

“The creation of the World, the building of the Ark, the Abrahamic exploration of the New World, the exodus from slavery, the Davidic Kingdom: all that started, by the invisible hand of God,” Mandy replied.

“Even Backstreet Boys,” Em said, “they started there.”

YouTube video activity

Frequently asked questions
Is it crucial to draw a diagram, write down what you know? Can\\\\\\\'t I just jump straight to the formula, and solve the problem?

Yes. It is important, so that you have a visual understanding of the problem. The reason why is that physics problems are not usually just in a single dimension; they are in multiple dimensions. Although for simpler problems, you \\\\\\\"may\\\\\\\" not need a diagram, as you progress, you will find this more difficult. It is not a good system to adopt, as you progress on to more complex problems.

More importantly, when teachers mark physics questions, only 2 points are likely assigned to the solution. The rest of the marks are usually assigned to the working out. In the real world, working out is important, so that others can look over your work and understand it, without having to re-solve the problem.

So in the above example, yes - this is an example of a simpler problem, but has the diagram helped?
Yes, without the diagram, you may have missed that the force is acting downwards, and your answer may have only been 650N (without qualification, that it is downwards).

Learning activity
Using the above 3-step formula, solve the following problem: Jamie weighs 50kg. He lives on Earth, which has a gravitational acceleration of 10m/s^2. Given [latex]W=mg[/latex], what is Jamie's weight/force?

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