Currently, MR. SHUM abides by the VET standards voluntarily (where applicable). Note therefore, that certain clauses may thus be inapplicable. MR. SHUM does not offer accredited qualifications. This may or may not change in the future.

MR. SHUM'S CLASSROOM ("MR. SHUM") conducts itself in accordance with various policies and procedures, as requisite of the Australian Skills Quality Authority. The Director is personally responsible for the implementation and maintenance of this policy. These codes constitute the terms and conditions of usage of services provided by MR. SHUM.

1. Purpose of practice codes

MR. SHUM ensures policies and practices maintain a requisite level of professionalism in the pre-training, training, and post-training phases, to safeguard the interests and welfare of its staff, students, and community interests. The National Vet Regulator Standards' (NVR Standards) requisites are from which MR. SHUM derives its practices. The NVR have the veracity of statute, and have power to override the according policies and practices.

Apart of the NVR Standards is the requisite to be client focussed, providing consistent, high quality training and assessment, which involves internal monitoring and review processes, based on hyper continuous improvement, informed by evidence of client feedback. As such, these policies may be altered from time-to-time, so please keep up to date.

2. Record keeping

MR. SHUM contains complete, accurate and up-to-date records of attendance and progress of students, and makes these records available to students on request. Security and confidentiality of these records is maintained in accordance with the NVR Standards, and corporate policy.

• These records (student reusults, qualifications, and statement of attainments, as well as final summative result for students), are kept, in accordance with NVR, for a minimum of 30 years.

• MR. SHUM is subject to the Privacy Act 1988, and provides student access to personal information by written consent.

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