Currently, MR. SHUM abides by the VET standards voluntarily (where applicable). Note therefore, that certain clauses may thus be inapplicable. MR. SHUM does not offer accredited qualifications. This may or may not change in the future.

Employment policy

In line with SNR 4.4 Qualified trainers and assessors, MR. SHUM has an employment policy. MR. SHUM engages in the recruitment process through a decision making tree, that requires all three limbs to be satisfied. This information is recorded in the database, with an entry for each unit a particular staff member teaches, to ensure nexus with the unit, as supposed only to the training package. These records are updated, and note taken of how staff have developed their VET knowledge and skills, trainer and assessor competence, and industry currency in accordance with the organization's currency requirements.

The staff competence schedule is enlisted below:
Unit nameTeacherCompetent to teachIndustry licenseSufficient exposureSufficient skillVerified

Units of competency being taught through delivered qualifications, which have no trainer or assessor assigned:
Unit name

1 Training and assessment competencies

In line with SNR 4.4(a) Training and assessment competencies, MR. SHUM ensures that the competencies required by the National Quality Council, are held by all trainers and assessors. Staff are required to:

• Hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, preferably TAE10, but TAA04 will suffice although staff will be required to upgrade optimally within six months as condition of engagement

• Demonstrate equivalent competencies to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, although such staff will be required to upgrade optimally within six months as condition of engagement

• Work under direct supervision of a person who is a competent trainer, although such staff will be required to upgrade optimally within six months as a condition of engagement. Such staff will also be required to be assigned an overseer, who will have to confirm the training or assessment delivered by such staff

2 Vocational competencies

In line with SNR 4.4(b) Vocational competencies, all trainers are assessed to ensure they have relevant vocational competencies, at least to the level being delivered or assessed. This includes a combination of consideration, including:

• Assessing whether the trainer holds the qualification they are teaching in question

• If the trainer does not hold the qualification being taught, whether sufficient industry knowledge, experience, or exposure, irrespective of how broad, to warrant familiarity with the content of the vocation, to teach the course

• How high in the AQF chain the trainer has achieved, and if sufficient height has been achieved to assure universal acknowledgement of expertise in a particular field

• Other relevant considerations, as indicated in the assessment guidelines of the relevant training package

Irrespective of the above considerations, if the industry requires trainers to have particular certificates or licenses, the trainer must hold the according certificate or licenses. Where the trainer doesn't require particular certificates or licenses, but the teaching leads to a certified or licensed outcome, the prospective trainer must have previously held the according certificate or license, unless there are extenuating circumstances that demonstrate the experience of the trainer's knowledge and experience was equivalent to a person whom the certificate or license would have been awarded to.

Apart from knowledge and experience in industry, prospective employees are also checked to ensure they have sufficient knowledge and experience in teaching, to successfully deliver a qualification. In assessing training and vocational competence, the AQF level is also given regard to.

3 Currency of skills

In line with SNR 4.4(c) Relevant current industry skills, all trainers are assessed to ensure they can demonstrate current industry skills which are directly relevant to the training being delivered, and/or assessment being conducted. This includes a combination of considerations, including:

• How recent the experience was

• The duration trainer had worked in the field for, if not particularly recent

• Whether the trainer is apart of a professional association, which by nature will require currency, thereby indicating currency as dictated by the professional association

4 Continuous development

In line with SNR 4.4(d) Continuous industry and teaching knowledge and skill development, MR. SHUM ensures that trainers whilst engaged in teaching, are not disjoint from industry, and opportunities arise for staff to continue to improve both their industry currency, as well as training and assessment competency. Staff are:

• Staff are encouraged to continue working in industry

• Staff are encouraged to join a professional association which will provide professional development opportunities

• Promote the opportunity to pursue upgrade of current knowledge in industry, through either the VET system or the University system, thereby improving industry currency

• Participate in professional development programs, to develop industry and/or teaching skill, thereby improving trainer and assessor competence, and knowledge and skills in the VET system

• Participate in conferences that can assist in networking, and provide master classes on currency

• Encouraged to subscribe to industry email lists, newsletters, and magazines, that provide information on changes in the industry

5 Record keeping

To ensure the authenticity of staff qualifications, MR. SHUM requests a copy of staff academic transcripts and/or testamurs, before the offer of employment is provided. These documents are required to be official documents, certified copies of official documents, or official documents which have been sighted by another staff member and confirmed as fair and true copies.
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