Currently, MR. SHUM abides by the VET standards voluntarily (where applicable). Note therefore, that certain clauses may thus be inapplicable. MR. SHUM does not offer accredited qualifications. This may or may not change in the future.

Continuous improvement policy

Survey information that is collected as part of continuous improvement process is analyzed by the Chief Executive Officer, and recommendations are put forward to trainers and assessors, so that the qualification content can be improved, so that subsequent students can receive a more refined service. This survey information is available on the unit of competency basis, as well as on the qualification level. These results are recorded into the system, and the Chief Executive Officer is notified when feedback is provided.

1 Training and assessment

In line with SNR 4.1 Continuous improvement strategy, MR. SHUM ensures that continuous improvement processes are in place to collect evidence of how well intended learning outcomes are being produced. The data collected includes:

• Students competency, in accordance with the data provision policy, in addition to other metrics such as number of times web site was used, how many times logged in, how long students used the web site each time they logged in, what devices they accessed learning materials with, assessment submissions, provides data metrics on how well training has been performed, and how engaged they were

• Training is also analyzed from the perspective of employer satisfaction, in accordance with the data provision policy, to see how well they believe competencies have developed in their worker, and their opinion of the training quality

• Students are asked how they found the learning experience to be, in accordance with the data provision policy, to see how engaging they felt the teaching was, and how well they felt competencies were developed

• Students are also asked about assessment, including the level of difficulty they found them, and what could be changed or improved in subsequent years

• Students are also benchmarked against each other, as well as wider industry, to see whether there are anomalies with competency completion rates, and so forth

• Training and assessment tools are also benchmarked with other training organizations and the industry through the validation tools that are available for each unit of competency's range of assessment instrument

2 Client services

In line with SNR 5.2 Continuous improvement of client services informed by data analysis, MR. SHUM ensures that continuous improvement processes are in place to collect evidence of how well client services are being delivered. The data collected includes:

• All communication with client services, reviewed to ensure optimal performance of client services. Common enquiries are also collated for the provision of a standard response

• Random appearance surveys which ask users about the quality of the web site delivery, including speed, user friendliness, improvement points

• Following provision of service, questions regarding friendliness, speed, quality, and comparison with expectation, of the service the client receives

• Automatically collected web analytics data, to identify hotspots, and to work on weaknesses

3 Operational management

In line with SNR 6.2 Continuous improvement of operational management, MR. SHUM ensures that continuous improvement processes are in place to collect evidence of the operational management effectiveness and efficiency. The data collected includes:

• Competitive analysis against other registered training organizations and educational institutions

• Adoption of managerial best practice, based on scientific managerial principles

• Invitation for feedback from stakeholders, including staff, industry associations, and external management from other registered training organizations and educational institutions, with regard to operational management

• As a part of the Data collection policy, pedagogical outcomes that may perhaps describe wider managerial productivity

• Benchmarking the fiscal and other indicators, against best practice
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