Chapter 4: Hydrocarbons (C6018015)

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For example, the alkane with 5 carbons is pentane.
“For example, methane [latex]CH_{4}[/latex] found in LPG gas, is a gas at room temperature.”

“In contrast, octane [latex]C_{8}H_{18}[/latex] found in petrol is a liquid at room temperature.”

“Again in contrast, hentriacontane [latex]C_{31}H_{64}[/latex], found in paraffin wax, is a solid at room temperature.”

This can be memorized with the mnemonic, that Uncle Ben (for benzene) was a couch potato. If he was given money (electron donating), Uncle Ben would start partying (become activated), and would want this person to sit either next to him (ortho) or opposite him (para) at dinner. For those who did not give Uncle Ben money (electron withdrawing), he would not be very happy about it (become deactivated), and would not want them to sit next to or opposite them (meta).
The mnemonic can then be modified, by Uncle Hal, who wouldn’t give Uncle Ben any money, but he liked Uncle Hal so he made an exception, always letting Uncle Hal sit next to or across from him.

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