Chapter 2: Force, motion, and gravity (C6008135)

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“In physics, we try to simplify things,” Jamie said.

“I like easy ,” Mandy answered.

"Yeah you are ," Emma snided.

“It is therefore convenient to consider any mass as a single particle, with a mass concentrated at a single point, known as the center of mass,” Jamie replied.

“For instance, your center of mass, Mandy, is not your geometric center, because different body parts weigh differently,” Jamie said, “rather, it’s a point inside your body, that is closer to your heart than your waist, because your upper body is more packed.”

“It really brings a new perspective to ‘finding your center,’” Mandy giggled.

“‘By holy marriage: when and where and how; We met, we woo’d and made exchange of vow,’ Jamie leapt to say, ‘I’ll tell thee as we pass; but this I pray, That thou consent to marry us to-day.’”

“-Obviously that Shakespearean moment didn’t occur.”

“That’s sort of like Newton’s 1st law,” Mandy continued, “you and the Sophster were free falling, and brother, did it continue in that present state of motion .”

“If you push someone against their center of mass, at their chest, they’ll be pushed back,” Mandy said, “however, if you push them against their arm, they’re more likely to spin.”
“Just one problem ,” Mandy raised, “if every force has an equal-opposite force, how does any work get done?”

“For example, if you push a soda can, the soda can pushes against you with an equal but opposite force.”

“The answer lies in the system considered,” Jamie replied, “considering your hand as a system, the soda can does put force against your hand, but in turn, is supported by forces in the arm, etc.”

“Oh!” Mandy interjected, “but considering the soda can as a system, there is only one force acting on it, which causes it to move .”

“Jamie, I feel your gravitational pull,” Mandy giggled.

“Stepping back,” Jamie winked, “what happens to force?”

“Because radius is doubled, the related effect will be quadrupled,” Mandy replied, “however, since force and radius are inversely related, rather than quadrupled, gravitational force is quartered !”

“Oh poor diddums,” Blaire remarked.

“Unlike biology, physics does not have a fine tuning argument,” Mandy started, “so the Teleological argument: God makes sense of the extraordinarily narrow range of life-permitting values the universe is tuned for.”

“There are constants in nature, like the Gravitational constant, which aren't determined by the laws of nature,” Blaire continued, “Additionally, there are variables, like the amount of entropy or the balance between matter and anti-matter, which have been arbitrarily inserted as initial conditions.”

“Not only must each quantity be exquisitely fine-tuned, but so must their ratios to one another,” Mandy replied, “The remarkable fine tuning has forced the M-theory to create around 10^500 multiverses, to render the observed values even reasonably attainable.”

“Have you ever noticed the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics?” Mandy continued, “For example, Peter Higgs predicted the fundamental particle Higgs boson through mathematics, 30 years before it was experimentally observable. It’s the language of nature!”

“Sounds like the perfect solution for those weight-loss obsessed girls,” Mandy giggled, “Send them to Mars .”

“For example, Selena Gomez is 50kg, meaning her mass [mathjax]m=50[/mathjax]. Her weight on Earth is thus [mathjax]F=50 \times 10=500N down[/mathjax].”

“In contrast, Gravitational acceleration on Mars is [mathjax]a=3.7m/s^2[/mathjax], meaning Selena’s weight on Mars is thus [mathjax]F=50 \times 3.7=185N down[/mathjax], a lot less than on Earth!”

Even though Sophie was only an acquaintance of Jamie’s, he was madly in love with her. He already played out how awesome her first name with his last name, ‘Sophie Swift’, would sound. Alliteration, right? In his mind, he already photoshopped an image of how suave his emo black hair would look offsetting her blonde. And let’s not forget about the kids .

But to say that Jamie would need to hike up the hill to find this girl was an understatement. She never came back to Pacific Coast Baptist. And he could sit in the same seat she sat in, but she was all but memories. And at that, increasing aching memories. Jamie would require, quite literally, a miracle.

“Who knows God’s in the business of miracles !!” Mandy declared. And that is exactly what happened.

Little did Jamie and Sophie know that, whilst each were studying full time (law and medicine), they were both studying part time bible college. But they soon did, as they landed themselves in the same classroom.

“Hey,” Jamie remarked, as he grabbed a seat next to Sophie, “its Sophie, right?” Jamie continued, before the lecturer proceeded to quieten the class.

“HELLO,” Sophie scribbled on a piece of paper.

Even whilst the lecturer was talking, the two at times rattled quietly, before switching back to pen and paper.

“Do you think I’m hot?” Jamie eventually wrote.

“Yes,” Sophie wrote without much thought. Then, thinking tactfully, she scribbled out ‘hot’, causing a temporary feeling of angst in Jamie, before drawing two arrows to two new phrases, ‘Good personality’, and ‘Good looks’.

“Do you believe God created the world ?” Jamie asked, as the pair stepped out to lunch break.

“Hmm,” Sophie replied, “That’s a good question, because I think there are some people who think that the world was created in seven days, and others who think that-“

“Sophie !!” Jamie interrupted, “I’m trying to tell you a joke ! -Do you believe God created the world?”

“Well … yes,” Sophie replied.

“’cause He was a massive show off creating you !!” Jamie giggled, Sophie smiling awkwardly .

“You two clearly hit it off with a bang,” Mandy giggled.

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