Chapter 5: Thermodynamics (C1313417)


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    Legend: Key principles // Storyline

    “God can of course be experienced,” Emily concurred, “but why does it work sometimes, and sometimes not. That seems probabilistic to me?”

    “Three reasons: (1) we can’t see the result, because of our perspective,” Mandy replied, “if it is not answered, it is because (2) it inhibits another person’s free will, and God isn’t willing to do that; or (3) it isn’t the best outcome in the bigger picture.”

    “He ALWAYS answers prayer,” Blaire continued, “only, that it’s with what you need, rather than just want.”

    “’Dad, since entropy can never decrease, I can never clean up my room,’ Jamie’s daughter says,” Mandy said, “What’s wrong with this statement?”

    “Thermodynamics is a macroscopic study, and cannot be applied microscopically,” Jamie replied, “You need to consider not only the system, but also its surroundings.”

    “Oh my goodness,” Mandy commented, “this would mean that De Beers could be done for misleading and deceptive conduct, with their whole ‘a diamond is forever’ copy writing!”

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