Chapter 15: Evolution (C4743902)

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“How does evolution program moral and even aesthetic values?” Mandy asked, “How do we recognize beautiful members of the same sex, or of other species, when it provides no selective advantage?”

“It doesn’t,” Blaire replied, “for example, Darwinism fails to explain why so-called ‘cougars’ are more attractive than some younger girls.”

“Corporate 30yo me was a cougar ,” Mandy giggled.

“Evolution doesn’t explain you, Mandy,” Jamie laughed.

“My goodness Jamie! The italic way of writing names reminds me of how they write court case names,” Mandy commented, “for example, Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100: that was that snail-in-a-drink case, right?”
“The moral argument: Premise (1) If God doesn’t exist, objective moral values don’t exist. Premise (2) Objective moral values do exist. Conclusion (3) Therefore, God exists,” Mandy remarks.

“As Darwin writes in The Descent of Man ‘If… men were reared under precisely the same conditions as hive-bees, there can hardly be a doubt that our unmarried females would, like the worker-bees, think it a sacred duty to kill their brothers, and mothers would strive to kill their fertile daughters, and no one would think of interfering’,” Blaire starts.

“If morality is simply the product of adaption, to say that human morality is objectively valuable than these bees, is to enter into specie-ism, the unjustified bias of one’s own species,” Mandy replied, “rather, like the lion who kills but doesn’t murder the zebra, and the great white shark who forcibly copulates but doesn’t rape a female, humans cannot err.”

“But there is objective right or wrong, independent of whether anyone believes in it,” Blaire continued, “even if the Nazi had won WWII, the Holocaust is still evil.”

“A truly ‘postmodern world’ is an impossibility, that would be unlivable. No one is truly postmodern distinguishing between a label for Panadol and rat poison, and in other matters of science, technology, and engineering. They are only relativistic and pluralistic in religion and ethics, which isn’t postmodernism, but verification-ism of modernism.”

“Reminds me of that time you were checking out that girl, and you smashed into a pole,” Mandy noted, “You naughty boy Jamie, she took away your fitness LOL!”

“Of course, remember our teen years,” Mandy continued, “The dancing, fluoro colors, and duck face poses?”

“So different, yet so similar to the animal kingdom.”

“The Kalam cosmological argument: Premise (1) Whatever begins to exist has a cause. Premise (2) The Universe began to exist. Conclusion (3) Therefore, the Universe has a cause,” Mandy started.

“Stephen Hawking states that before the Big Bang, there was no space nor time. Therefore, the creator must transcend space and time, and be immaterial,” Blaire commented, “just like the theistic God.”

“To negate that everything has a cause by noting that virtual particles in a quantum mechanical vacuum can spontaneously appear, is fallacious,” Mandy replied, “These particle-antiparticle pairs are in fact a fluctuation in a quantum vacuum, which is not nothing, but rather, a sea of energy.”

So that was how Jamie and Mandy redeemed themselves of their Sin, and re-found love.

They had developed many qualities wholly apart from another, which as Mandy says, “couldn’t have happened otherwise, and was achieved by God’s perfect timing,” and their reunion permitted them to regain some of that youthful spark they had lost in the corporate world.

And they were madly in love.

“Madly ,” Mandy iterated.

“Like two giddy teenagers ,” Jamie laughed.

“So they married, and lived happily ever after ,” Blaire noted, “like the Cinderella and Prince Charming.”

“Well, that’s until reproduction, now THAT’S a story of its own ,” Blaire laughed, “you two still going at it into your 40’s . Classic Jamie and Mandy .”

“J.P. Morgan was a financier who dominated corporate finance in his day, arranging the merger to form General Electric, and the merging of Andrew Carnegie’s Steel Company,” Mandy remarked, “He is considered one of the richest men of all time. In his Will, he states:”

"I entreat my children to maintain and defend, at all hazard, and at any cost of personal sacrifice, the blessed doctrine of the complete atonement for sin through the blood of Jesus Christ, once offered, and through that alone.” (Article I of J.P. Morgan's Last Will and Testament, executed January 4, 1913)

“And I do the same,” Mandy remarked.


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